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Gardeners’ Question Time at New North London Synagogue

This week the REEP team tuned into BBC Radio 4 to listen to a recent broadcast of Gardeners’ Question Time, filmed at The New North London Synagogue in Finchley, London. The Synagogue features a recently replanted ‘Biblical Garden’ full of plants from the Hebrew Bible, notably from Deuteronomy.

‘land of wheat and barley, of vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive trees and honey.’

Deuteronomy 8, Verse 8

During the broadcast Chris Beardshaw visited Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg to talk to him about the Synagogue’s Biblical Garden and the Rabbi’s own ‘Faith Garden’. To listen to the broadcast:

Gardeners’ Question Time at New North London Synagogue 2017-11-01T12:55:31+00:00

Paris Agreement on Climate Change

” Paris, the city of light, has shone brilliantly at the end of this darkest of years for this city and for so many continents.

After nearly 50 years of both apathy and angry dispute, the environmental movements of the world have at last received serious global recognition by 195 participating nations present in Paris. This consensus represents a possible ‘turning point’ for ice caps and tropical forests, for their survival and stability, upon which the rest of the planet’s fortune flourishing depends. Only the next decades will confirm whether this landmark Agreement becomes a lasting achievement for clean energy in terms of the necessary reduction in carbon emission and, harder, the transparency with which nations deal with one another.

The scale of what has been done is still amazing. The natural recognition of shared ‘fragility’ of the planet requires so much more vision and compassion than the puffed-up, often arbitrary, claims of commercial or military powers on their own. REEP salutes this historic moment for the United Nations; for the influence of the great world religions; for a great network of scientists of many disciplines testing truth through these last decades; for educators and diplomats often delivering services in defence of the most unpromising populations and economic conditions. Values matter – the things we believe in together, the things we hope for together, ‘The Light’.

‘The Light shines in the darkness’ is our seasonal proclamation ‘and the darkness has not overcome it! Remember Paris. She has now added more conviction, more wonder, to this particular turning of the year. “

By REEP Patron, Richard McLaren

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REEP at the British Moroccan Society AGM

REEP is always keen to support the work of other charities, especially those which are similarly dedicated to the promotion of links and understanding between Morocco and Great Britain.

On Thursday Diana Lazenby McLaren, REEP Director and Honorary Secretary of the British Moroccan Society (BMS), attended the BMS’s Annual General Meeting at The Travellers Club on London’s Pall Mall. Here Diana (pictured) joined other committee members in giving a report about BMS activities in 2015 and their plans for 2016.

For more information about the British Moroccan Society, please see the charity’s website

REEP at the British Moroccan Society AGM 2017-11-01T12:42:49+00:00