Alcála de Henares

The first is the Botanical garden of the University of Alcála, the second is the Cervantes Birthplace Museum. As the theme of Round One of the Scholarship (Britain, 2016) was gardens in the time of William Shakespeare, we would like to expand on this is Round Two by exploring gardens in Spain during the time of Shakespeare’s literary contemporary, Miguel de Cervantes. So, this morning Inés and I visited Cervantes’ hometown, Alcála de Henares, to explore two sites we would like to include in the 2018 REEP McLAREN Scholarship programme.


Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes, Alcála de Henares

Courtyard inside Cervantes Birthplace Museum in Alcála de Henares

Real Jardin Botanico Juan Carlos I, Alcála de Henares

Rose garden at the Real Jardin Botanico Juan Carlos I, Alcála de Henares. Spain is currently struggling with extreme droughts, which is causing difficulties for gardens.

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