BAHÁ’Í | Martyrdom of The Báb

10 July

This day commemorates the death of The Báb, Herald of the Bahá’í Faith. While The Báb (1819 – 1850) had many followers, his beliefs were not condoned by the leaders of Persia’s state religion. First they had him imprisoned but later they decided upon a harsher punishment, death. One of the Báb’s young followers begged to share his fate. The firing squad lined up and fired shots at The Báb and his follower. Yet, when the smoke cleared the young follower stood alone and unharmed, while The Báb appeared to have vanished. The guards found him later, sitting calmly and very much alive in his prison cell. Alarmed by the apparent ‘miracle’, the firing squad refused to fire at the men a second time. A new regiment was called for. The Báb and his follower were shot dead and their bodies thrown into a nearby moat, later to be rescued by supporters and buried in a dedicated shrine on Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel.

Today the Martyrdom of The Báb is a day of rest. To commemorate the executions, Bahá’í’s recite prayers at midday – the precise time at which the executions are believed to have taken place.

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