ZOROASTRIANISM | Zarthost No Deeso

26 December

At Zarthost No Deeso, Zoroastrians commemorate the death anniversary of the prophet Zoroaster (628 to 551 BCE), the founder of Zoroastrianism as a collective faith. The day is one of mourning, with special services taking place in agiaries (fire temples). These services include prayers, lectures and discussions about the life and works of the prophet.

A cobbler from the Bactria rivers in Central Asia, Zoroaster became a preacher of monotheism when he was thirty. A highly-regarded philosopher, mathematician, astrologer and magician and an expert composer of Yasna Haptanghaiti (Zoroastrian hymns) and Gathas (Zoroastrian poems), Zoroaster philosophised on the triumph of good over evil and the judgment of humans at the end of their life.

There is much debate over the cause of Zoroaster’s death. Some believe he was killed by the Turanian army at the altar of an agiary (fire temple), others that he was killed by a thunderbolt. Many believe that Zoroaster was not killed at all but instead ascended the skies by himself. Others think he simply died in his sleep.

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